Creative Team

stevieronnieStevie Ronnie, Artist

Stevie Ronnie is a writer and artist based in Northumberland. His work, often collaborative and participatory in nature, spans art forms to produce interactive pieces for publication, exhibition, installation and/or performance. In much of his recent work he has been developing new formats for the presentation of literature by enhancing, extending or re-inventing the traditional book through the use of technology.




Suzy O'HaraSuzy O’Hara, Producer

Suzy O’Hara brings her expertise, passion for art and Irish craic to the Dear Angel creative team.

She is a an accomplished project manager with extensive experience in the development and delivery of time based, large scale, complex and high profile arts festivals, events and digital arts commissions. Suzy is also a full time PhD student researcher at CRUMB (University of Sunderland) where she is exploring the impact of pervasive convergent technology and media on the production, dissemination and consumption of art.




Visit the Artist page for a full list of the artists who will be exhibiting work during the Dear Angel exhibition programme.

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