The Artwork

letterArtist Stevie Ronnie is offering you the chance to share your ideas about the North East in a letter addressed to the Angel of the North. Stevie has turned these letters into an artist book which represents a distinctive record of how we feel about this place we call home. This project is open to all contributions.

Stevie wanted to work with letters as while he misses the intimacy of the physical letter, he’s also excited about the new forms of communication that have replaced it. Dear Angel brings the old and the new together in the form of an interactive artist book that combines handwritten letters with letters that are in audio, video and digital formats.

Dear Angel is a unique and moving record of the region. It will be shown at Globe Gallery in Newcastle throughout June, where you will also be able to discover newly commissioned work by contemporary artists that explores the wider themes of Dear Angel: place, participation and communication.

As Festival of the North East ends, Dear Angel will then move to Holy Island before it finally reaches Durham where it will be presented as part of the festival of events taking place to mark the return of Europe’s oldest surviving bound book to the region, the Lindisfarne Gospels.

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